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Jimmy Sanchez Is the founder of Valleywide DJ Entertainment. A little bit of his experience, He's been DJing now for years and has worked and trained with some of the best when it comes to Weddings and High School events.  Jimmy's energy and performance definitely show when it comes to his events. You will catch him Hyping up the crowd and even dancing along with the music.

Jimmy's Passion for DJing started in High school. This all started when a local radio DJ came to play during one of his high school lunch periods. After he saw all the students going crazy over what the DJ was playing he knew that's what he wanted to do. His Pasion for DJing stems from the audients. He enjoys mixing and watching how a certain song can change an empty dance floor to packed dance floor.  One of Jimmy's specialty is being able to read the crowd when it comes to his music selection. He definitely knows how to pack a dance floor.

Jimmy's referrals and five Star reviews from past clients has helped continue to grow the business. One of the big key factors for this is his communication skills and attention to quality.

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Leticia is a cofounder of Valleywide DJ Entertainment.   She is very involved when it comes to the business and helping with all the DJ setups. She helps to ensure each event runs smoothly and without a hiccup. She not only helps out with the behind the scenes operations but is also the glue that holds Vallewide DJ together.

Leticia has a Masters in Education which has helped the business when it comes to communication with clients, planning, and time management.  She helps our clients understand the value of a good DJ. 

Leticia and Jimmy work together to respond to all questions from clients promptly.  So you can be assured that throughout your event, all questions will be answered quickly and efficiently. 

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